Montreal Deck
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The ceramic tile technology meets the elegance of the wood, it is the birth of a new product with a discreet charm, shifting on three delicate shades. Available in two different surfaces, the first more traditional proper for the indoor, and a second one presenting grooves on the surface, particularly adapt for the outdoor, thanks to its anti slip property. KronosTecnica is a complete solution of outodoor floors , with its accessories and variants like the Modulo LED. Two different patented methods of collocation contribute to make unique the Modulo Exter and the Sopraelevato.


Perfect for outdoor and indoor areas, KronosTecnica is a system based on three colors wood finished porcelain tiles: Ebano, Rovere and Faggio; easy to collocate thanks to two simple methods of assembly, able to fit on every kind of soil.

Tiles Kronos Technica