Montreal Deck
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This easy fixation system enables the duckboards to be fitted without any visible screw, improving both the resistance of the structure (each of the duckboards are individual) and giving a clean, aesthetically pleasing appearance to the installation. This fixation system, designed in an extremely tough composite material guarantees long lasting durability. This method of fixation (see illustration) permits a regular fit between each of the duckboards without a degrading effect of the wood. The Squareline system combines aesthetics with reliability.

Squareline Fixation
Squareline Pictures

The advantages of the fixation:

  1. -Allows fixing to supports without visible screw or nails.
  2. -Eliminates the need for predrilling and countersinking.
  3. -Fixings manufactured from tough composite material guaranteeing a high quality system.
  4. -Provides a guarantee of long-Iasting durability.
  5. -Shortens the installation time.
  6. -Ensures free circulation of air.
  7. -Allows even jointing between boards.

Softline Fixation
Softline Fixation