Montreal Deck
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Softline Line

This revolutionary fixation system enables the planks to be fitted without any visible screw, improving both the resistance of the structure (no more weak points in the plank or sheared screw) and giving a clean, aesthetically pleasing appearance to the installation. This fixation system, designed in an extremely tough composite material guarantees long lasting durability. This method of fixation (see illustration) allows the free circulation of air and permits movement between the planks preventing deterioration of the wood itself. The SoftlineŽ system combines aesthetics with reliability.

Softline Fixation
Softline Pictures

The advantages of the fixation:

  1. -Enables invisible fixation to the support.
  2. -Eliminates the stage of pre-drilling and countersinking.
  3. -Composite material with high mechanical strength, guaranteeing a high quality system.
  4. -Flexibility in compression and/or expansion, allowing re-positioning after stress (unlike steel).
  5. -Allows lateral movement between the planks without any resulting deterioration of the wood.
  6. -Allows the strips to be isolated from the support.
  7. -Provides a guarantee of long-lasting durability.
  8. -Shortens the installation time.
  9. -Allows even jointing between strips.
  10. -Ensures free circulation of air.
  11. -Reinforce the general aspect thank to a wooden frame fixed with non visible screws.
  12. -Allow a vertical installation.
  13. -Possibility of removing and replacing planks.

Softline Fixation
Softline Fixation