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About Us

Our professionalism is beyond our competitors, likewise our innovation creation processes are way ahead.


mission and purpose

Montreal Decks and Floors is a distributor of parquets & deckings in exotic wood, directly manufactured in their country of origin. Professionals in the field of parquet flooring for more than 18 years, we are particularly demanding in respect of the quality of the products offered and equally concerned about the good management of natural resources and fair wages in the countries of production.

For this purpose we have established close contacts with our suppliers whom we visit regularly and with whom we work in close collaboration to guarantee a quality and service that is without fault.

We have concentrated our activities on two obviously complementary sectors: Interior parquet flooring and Exterior parquet flooring - more commonly called "Wood flooring for the Garden".


For the Interior parquet flooring we chose species such as Doussié, Iroko, Padauk, Niove, Zingana (Zebrano)… These African timbers were chosen for their exceptional technical qualities and their contemporary shades and tones. They come from Cameroon, Gabon, Democratic Republic of Congo. The Asian finishes, for their part, are sourced from Myanmar (Burma) for Teak, Indonesia for Merbau and China for Bamboo. All of these are carefully selected and controlled by our company.

The Wood flooring for the Garden is remarkable as it represents great strides forward. We are distributors of the exclusive system Softline®, - a patented exterior flooring system with invisible fixings using timbers that are both extremely rot-resistant and very stable - Afrormosia, Ipe, Merbau, Padauk, and Teak. Our experience and research have now provided some long-awaited answers to often raised questions.

Squareline in Padauk, revolutionizes the world of deckboards with its invisible fixation system.

Our permanent stock enables us to ensure fast distribution to the majority of North American destinations.

Should you need further information about specific orders, dimensions or particular wood finishes please do not hesitate to contact us. We are at your service.